Fish Tank 1,000 litre

Fish Tank, 1000 Litre Ideal for Aquaponics.

Ideal for the first system. Expandable into a larger system if needed.

Fish Tank has  1,085-litre total capacity – Approx. 1,016-litre usable capacity (Filled to within 50mm of the top).

This tank is flat bottomed and can be placed directly on concrete, or a bedding sand base, or other similar smooth soil base.         

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The tank is made out of 6mm high quality food grade UV stabilised plastic.     

The high quality food grade UV stabilised plastic is a very resilient material and will withstand flexing and will not crack or break with normal use. This tank can, on its edge be fitted through a standard house door making it possible to have the fish tank on a balcony or similar where access is limited.

These tanks carry 5-year warranty.

The fish tank measurements are as followed :

QC: 146 – 118 x 79.

The Fish Tanks weights 20kgs. 


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