About us

Ausvnco is an Aquaponics system manufacturer with bases in Perth Western Australia and South East Asia.

We are 100% Australian owned and all our Aquaponics tanks and Grow beds are Australian designed.

Our Core Values


We are deeply committed to the advancement of Aquaponics as a sustainable growing methodology. We believe that it is one of the cornerstones of the future of world agriculture and will work tirelessly to spread that word.


We pride ourselves with our quality and service.   

It is only through our customers that we can drive toward our vision to spread Aquaponics gardening throughout the world.

Ausvnco Aquaponics are total committed to supplying our customer’s with highest quality Products that incorporate the latest break throughs in technology and designs. We are dedicated to suppling our customers with Aquaponics system that are cost-effective to run whilst produce high yield crops through design at the lowest initial cost outlay in mind.

Ausvnco is happy to provide the tools to enable our customers to be successful in endeavour to grow natural health chemical free food for their family, friends or the broader community

Our Planet

We want to make the planet a better place through our products.

Aquaponics growing through its very nature is sustainable and water-wise, is better for Environment as it is pesticide / chemical free and at Ausvnco we are committed to ensure that our products reinforce that legacy.

To that end we are committed to seeking out earth-friendly products, materials and processes whenever possible.

Green Earth

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